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Back & Neck Pain

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Pain from Accident or Injuries

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Headaches & Migraines


Your First Visit

A question I get often is "what happens at my first visit?" An osteopathic initial consultation can be a bit longer than a regular treatment, if treatment is consented to upon the first visit (approx. 30-45 min). The consultation will involve a comprehensive personal history and medical history. The more information that can be passed on by the patient to the osteopathic manual therapist, more connections can be made.

After your first visit you will have a better understanding of your health goals/expectations, you will feel at ease and excited about your next treatments. So if you haven't tried an osteopathic treatment yet...what are you waiting for?

My Treatment

Your treatment plan will be discussed at your initial visit.  Treatment is hands-on and involves skilled manipulation of the spine and joints, and massage of soft tissues.  Jonathan is very in tuned to knowing your tolerance and will never push you.

The amount of times you need to visit and how long it will take for you to notice improvement is different with each client.  Majority of clients do feel some tenderness within 24-28 hours.


Next Steps...

Now you know!  Time to setup your personal consultation...